Saturday, August 19, 2006

fringe drunk fun work, work, work

So the fringe opened up the other night and our RFT venue (Iron Horse BYOV J) opened the very next day. Last night the crumbs rocked a fine show and theatresports right after was no slouch either. fun times and happiness abounds. the play i directed, which opened in my absense as i toiled at the Iron Horse. I met an estatic A.H. in the beer tent and she extolled the virtues of our little comedy's acceptance by the masses, which in this case was actually a fairly respectable mass. Looks like the fringe is off and running. let the hangovers commence. let the beer tent schmoozing and review fretting begin. it already has anyway.

but listen, this is the main thing. i saw the pajamamen at their 11;45 show last night and I just could not fucking beleive how good it is. fuck. it makes a comedy artist feel inspired and small all at the same time. SO GOOD. No wonder Second City is producing these guys. They are special and how. See it, twice. I will.

Soon it will be time to build the venue agan at the iron horse. one of the things about having a byov is that in many cases you have to strike it completely and turn it back into a church, bar, sex dungeon or whatever it was before you got there. heavy lifting. it ain't all air conditioning and licenced venue. we only have to do it on weekends, but that is plenty, lemme tell you. so if you're bored at 4 or at 8;30 come on down. saturday is one of those fun days where we have set up AND strike. yay.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"life just goes on and on, gtting harder and harder" Rolling Stones

And I can see why. All that touring when you're 60? And now Keith has a brain injury and he's SO miffed that no one has noticed. Ah the the Stones. This is the truest thing they;ve said since "I'm so hot for her, I'm so hot for her. I'm so hot for her, and she's so cold.

Last night I got an idea for a play that happens entirely in a bed.