Thursday, April 26, 2007

he is the creepiest guy i ever
well not the creepiest guy i ever
but he's pretty creepy

says jania
about the guy
on the bachelor

these women are competing to marry this guy
who seems an utter douche
he hits on all of them
he is an officer
and a gentleman

oh GOD!
skip says
he's kissing her
he is so GROSS

c'mon smoker girl
they say
their favorite

the next competetion
is to spend the night
for "special quality time"

i like two adjectives - noun thing like that
they are experiencing cheapening demeaning humiliation

sometimes i rush it
she says

Skip's stomache hurts
oh god OH GOD
she says

don't you think that whoever he ends up marrying is gonna change their mind when they see the show, jania says

you're my sanctuary
the bachelor says

with nine girls left

and so it goes

Sunday, April 08, 2007

so we went to whitehorse
headed north from the gateway to the north
which is edmonton
which is why we got a direct flight
for once

whitehorse is a bit squat and frozen
a bit of a strip mall of a City
but with such nice people
such hospitality and fast friendships

we had weed in no time

and the theatre
so well equipped and large
these guys got funding
the government bribes people to live up there
not just with salaries
but with stuff

we set up and we did the show two times
jania came up
we had good times
my Dad works up there
so we this house to stay in
it was really big and nice
but with a disturbing number of stuffed animals
not the plush kind
the kind that once lived
a giant ram faces the front door
he must've been beautiful
now he will be

then we went to dawson city
a full six hours north of whitehorse
on the windy highway of death

we stopped and picked up a hitcher
who had broke down at the side of the road
like we were really nice
like the people there are
he had the biggest hands i ever saw
except when i saw the guy who played chewbacca

the town is a heritage park come to life
all the buildings are ole timey
it's illegal to pave the streets
instead of sidewalks they have boardwalks

the hotel we're staying
is famous for keeping severed frostbite toes
that you put in a shooter
you let the toe kiss your lips as you drink it
if you move there you have to do the toes

we didn't do the toes

the show was in a town hall
about the size of orange hall
we set up against a wall
75 people show up
some drunk and yelly
and unruly crowd
some of them had never been to a play ever before

our comedy shocked them

i heard a guy say
these guys will say anything
after my character said he wanted to have sex
with blanche
from the golden girls

he has a point

and then the drinking
oh so much drinking
the offers of sex
all of us could have had sex with so many grossly drunk people
but we didn't

but they were nice

such nice people

up north
so i haven't blogged in a while