Friday, September 29, 2006

so we opened Bash'd

And it went quite well, thanks for asking. Some folks left crying, and we got a standing ovation and such. Interestingly, for such a gay project, my girlfriend was there, loving it and me. Kevin Gillese, who I respect so much as a rapper was there. I blushingly reprint his review.

"the flow was tight throughout, with long stretches of awesome"

So I was releived. We hoped to be successful as actors and as rappers. All I know is, I am losing weight trying to do this show. It's a sweaty enterprize and no foolin'.

It's hard to imagine anyone is reading this anymore. My own fault, posting so seldom as I do. But whatever. Perhaps it will be just a little diary for me, and you all are my parents, sneaking into my room, trying to find out if I am on drugs. (which I am)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I know

I don't post too often. I am too busy and lazy to do so I guess, so I supose no one is really reading this at this point. Fair enough.

This is then, a message in a bottle.

It is a strange time for Chris, a time of change, of letting go of things I wanted which have proved impossible, were impossible all along, though I clung to hopes in a strange way, out of habit, I guess. Certainly not out of joy.

And a time of picking up new things, changing the focus of my life to something more positive.

I will never again try to break in where I am not wanted. I will stay and cultivate the places where I am. I will live in my new apartment with my wonderful girlfriend.

I feel strangely lost, and oddly free.