Thursday, May 17, 2007

This guy makes different points, and is funnier

Fuck Jerry Falwell

even a minor illness
burgles your time
you sleep it away
or suffer in the lack of silence that media provides

even if it doesn't kill you
you live a lot less
when you're sick

i guess it's true what they say
you don't have your health
you don' have anything

but what they don't know is

i still have my health
it's just hiding
from the germs

Saturday, May 12, 2007

reading my blog
i think i am an asshole

to bitch about having money

Friday, May 11, 2007

my hilarious friends deserve a TV show

life is busy
and yet
there is leisure
there is a lot of leisure

so much so
that i am thinking of getting a leisure suit

me and jania are watching prison break
how do they keep the tension up
while continuing to not break out of prison
it's a conspiracy
the vice president is at the top of it
she's working it

meanwhile in real life

i am producing Canada's Largest Improv Festival
got this zombie vs batman concept for the promo material
maybe you see the video below
lots of people coming
friends and friends of friends
it's the thing i do every year
that makes me the nervous-est

there's a tv show i might get to write
a commercial theatre piece
there's work coming in thats me feel like mary tyler moore
like i'm gonna make it after all

on the other side is my taxes
all this work
to apply for my gigantic bill
supposed to get hooked up for GST
keep books
all this stuff
that I do NOT want to do

it reminds me of my high school theory of society

society is a pyramid of exclusionary games
games you are to play
with decreasing levels of guidance
elementary school
high school
income taxes
fail to properly play any one of these games
and you will fail at society

but it goes on from there
stock market

to really get on you gotta learn these games too

i am on the cusp of the new set of games
intimidated sure
but at the same time
you can't take things too seriously

its only a game

what i really want to do

is dance

Monday, May 07, 2007

i don't like smoking
i'm pretty low maintenance
the bachelor says

a brunette says:

a blonde and brunette fall off a building
which one landed first?

uh, the brunette

yeah, but why?
i dunno

the blonde had to stop and ask for directions

the other women cry
when he disappears into the water
kayaking off the yacht

when you have feelings for a guy
as I guess, a lot of us do at this point
it hurts to see him flirt with other guys

UUUUUH says skip
it hurts her

the bachelor says:
it was fun going out on the boat today
but it was tough too
having feelings for a lot of these women like i do
it was tough having them all interact like that

next they build a playground
it's a fertility test

this is how i type
when i am watching tv
drunkly blogging

bring your pallette
for a night of pleasure

they mix thier own wines
and then paint a painting
for the lable
on the shitty wine

he puts paint on his hand
and takes her hand in his

put it on your heart
he says

and he places his hand firmly
on his sculpted pec
and she on her large firm tit

they kiss

skip screams and claps her hands
these girls will do anything he says

these girls are all twenty three or so
but not devin
devin breaks down

i'm twenty eight
the guy i am dating is dating so many other women
i could just be at home dating a guy who is dating just one woman
i just feel ridiculous

amber says
i cooked dinner for my brothers and sisters every night
i am the most mature twenty three year old, like, EVER
yes you are


they paint a playground for kids
one of them says
even though we're working as a team
we're really here for andy

not the kids

amber wants to take you to her classroom

he's so handsy
jania says
he'll just pull anything into hug
into a grope

no no
she says
paint the leaves and stems this way


we have to take a break
it's too painful